Helping companies with UX and product design

I will help your company develop digital products from idea to user-friendly prototype usign user research&testing.
Your users will quickly understand your app and they will be happy to use it.

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You can have your user friendly MVP in 3 weeks from now.
Honza soukup
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Designing digital product from idea to validated prototype
User research and strategy
Web/application graphic design (UI)
User testing
UX consulting
UX trainings

I can't help you with

Wordpress (I recommend Webflow)

Case studies


Autor 02

Vojta Ciml

CEO @ SlidesLive

We have worked with Honza on several projects, Working with Honza was a great experience. Honza comes to meetings and calls prepared, writes summary emails and guides you through the whole process even if you don't have time to pay attention to details or don't understand the topic. He listens and takes notes if you have a deeper discussion. If you need an analytical approach, to work on UX and do the proper research for it, you've come to the right place.

Autor 02

Matěj Křístek

DataSentics, CEO @ DigiLobby

Honza is an absolute pro. He can handle projects and his work on projects completely independently. He always asks good questions and can suggest effective solutions. Honza also has a great quality that he is not only an expert in UX/UI design, but also has a talent for business and product consulting. This makes Honza an all-around professional and a suitable partner for any project, whether you are building a start-up or just a partial service, website or product. I can 100% recommend Honza and I can vouch for him.

Autor 02

Jakub Zahurský

CMO - StartupJobs

Honza did a UX audit for StartupJobs. I was surprised at the depth to which the audit went. Some of this we already knew, but some parts of the audit surprised me. I've read it about 3 times already. We obtained useful insights from the audit for the further development of the website. I recommend Honza's UX website audit.

Autor 02

Michal Lysek


Honza built the perfect website for me. Creating a website is challenging, but if you work with a professional like Honza, it's a joy. I appreciate Honz's roofing of the entire project the most. He took pictures of me. He did user research, content strategy, graphic design, programming and testing.

Autor 02

Pavla Lustyková

Marketingový manažer @

In a compact form, understandable and based on current practice. Such was the UX Design training with Honza Soukup. I can highly recommend.

Autor 02

Matěj Hájek

Co-Founder @ QICK ONLINE s.r.o.

I recommend Honza as a highly creative person with an eye for detail. We worked together on UX and our company's strategy in general, and it moved our project forward a lot. Thanks Honza and I look forward to further cooperation in the future. :)